In Their Own Words

Camp Stories

Meet Jack

Jack Cooler is a homeowner in one of South Carolina’s underprivileged neighborhoods. One of our adult volunteers was on her way to meet another family in need of Salkehatchie’s service and she saw a tarp on Jack’s roof.

She pulled over and considered the tarp, knowing it could only mean one thing, leaks. As she sat studying the tarp, she heard a man’s voice asking if she was alright or needed help. That man was Jack Cooler.

Like God so often does, he connected Jack to our team and the next summer, when camps began, we had a team ready to help him fix his roof.

“At Salkehatchie I learned that money and material objects don’t matter in life. The things that matter are love, family, friends, and one’s relationship with God.”

– Camper

“My experience with Salkehatchie is love. The love for each other, the love for God and the love for people that they help. The love is there. And that is my experience with Salkehatchie and that is how I feel about them. They are all a bunch of angels that work together to help those in need.”

– Mary, homeowner

“The week that I thought would never end is now over, and I’m already looking forward to next year. Never before has one week touched me in such an awesome way. Everyone that registers for Salkehatchie goes to give to the poor and improve as a person; but what they don’t realize, and what I didn’t realize, is that you end up receiving more than you give. It’s strange but true!”

– Camper

“This week has taught me to overcome prejudices and fears and to treat everyone as you wish to be treated.”

– Camper

“Just as I was giving up, that is when you all [Salkehatchie] showed up and it was such a blessing. The volunteers worked together like they had been doing it for years. They have been such a blessing.”

– Annie, homeowner

“Salkehatchie kind of gets in your soul, in your blood, and ever since I can remember amazing things happen at Salkehatchie – things I never thought I could do, or something that I didn’t expect to happen, or a lesson I thought I’d never learn. There is always something that helps me grow.”

– Camper