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Frequently Asked Questions

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Since camps are cancelled in 2020, can we assemble a small Salkehatchie team to work on a house this summer?

In response to the several inquiries regarding the assembling of Salkehatchie teams under the Salkehatchie banner to help with home repairs across the state in 2020, we are writing this notice. Under no circumstances will Salkehatchie teams be assembled under the Salkehatchie banner to help with home repairs across the state or any other gathering.  Any action to the contrary will be against Salkehatchie policy and the Bishop’s and Board of Managers’ approval.

What Should I Wear?

When packing your suitcase be thinking about a week of dirt, sweat, paint and tar. Don’t pack your favorite shirt or best blue jeans for the work. Halter tops and short shorts are inappropriate dress. Leave expensive clothing and jewelry at home. We will be serving the poor, so simple dress is appropriate. Jeans and tennis shoes with the Salkehatchie T-shirt you will receive at camp will be fine for Sunday worship. Also, be sure to consider the fact that the camp does not have laundry facilities. So, plan a wardrobe that will get you through an entire week including clothes to work and fellowship in. For a detailed list of items to pack, view our volunteer guide.

What Not To Bring?

We do not allow small personal electronics (iPods, iPads/tablets, laptops, or other portable music devices).

How Do Volunteers Get To Camp?

Each youth volunteer needs to provide their own transportation to and from the campsite. We encourage you to carpool using vans, trucks, SUVs or a small church bus.

If you want to volunteer your vehicle for transportation to and from the worksite during the week, drivers must notify the Camp Director and be licensed by the state of South Carolina.

How Do You Choose Families?

We do no formal advertising or recruiting for homes. Most often the families are not seeking help, rather, someone notices they need it (friends, pastors, health workers or others).

When does registration end?

Beginning in 2020, registration for each camp will end 3 weeks prior to the first day of camp. Please make sure that you register for your camp before the cutoff date.

How Much is the Registration Fee and What Does It Cover?

The registration fee is $250. This is an increase in 2019. The volunteer registration fee covers room, board, camp overhead, and materials for house renovations.

Where will Volunteers Stay?

Housing is often provided to volunteer groups through local churches and schools that open their doors to us.

Do Volunteers Need To Bring Food?

No, volunteers will be fed three meals a day. These meals are donated and provided by the local community and church members of the local congregation.

What is the Age Range for Volunteering?

All our youth volunteers must be between 14-18 years old. You can register your child for before they turn 14 as long as they are 14 by the first day of camp. However, we also encourage any adult to register if they are interested in coming to camp!

Will My Child Be Safe?

Yes, all youth volunteers are required to undergo safety training and read and comply with the Salkehatchie 3-S Safety Manual for Volunteers which covers:

  • Flooring/steps
  • Electrical
  • Glass
  • Hand tools
  • Heavy materials and equipment
  • Ladders
  • Medical/first aid
  • Power tools
  • Roofing

How Can I Refer a Family?

If you or someone you know is in need of home repairs, please email [email protected] or call 803-691-6606.

What Is the Deadline to Request a Refund?

The deadline to request a refund is May 15th.

How Does the Church Pay my Registration Fee?

If your home church pays the cost of registration for you, please leave the checkout portion of registration blank and have the church mail a check with the names of those they are paying for and the camp they will be attending to:

South Carolina Conference

The United Methodist Conference

Attn: Salkehatchie Summer Service

4908 Colonial Dr.

Columbia, SC 29203

I Still Need a Background Check; Where do I go to Complete That?

If you are sill in need of a background check for Salkehatchie, please go to https://www.smart-trak.com/umcsc/ and follow the instructions to complete a background check through Trak-1. You only need a background check if you are 18 years old or older or if it has been 3 years since your previous background check.

Why Can I Not Complete My Registration?

If you are having issues completing your registration, please check your browser. If you are registering using Internet Explorer, please try using Google Chrome or Firefox. Parts of the registration will not work in Internet Explorer.