Salkehatchie Summer Service

Camp Policies & Procedures

A successful mission is dependant on the safety of the volunteers, camp leaders and families we help. We have policies and procedures in place for all volunteers to make sure the work site is safe for all involved.

Homeowner Confidentiality

All volunteers must remember to keep the privacy and confidentiality of the families they are serving in mind at all times.

  • Ask homeowners before taking pictures
  • Do not tell people outside the volunteer group the first and last name of family members
  • Do not share or post online the address of the home
  • Act with humility and respect when at the home

Volunteers walk into homes in all different kinds of conditions and these families may live very differently than what youth volunteers are accustomed to. We ask all youth to be mindful of their remarks and withhold judgment.

Camp directors reserve the right to terminate the participation of any individual that does not follow these guidelines. Salkehatchie abides by the South Carolina United Methodist Conference Safe Sanctuary practices.