7 Days At Salkehatchie

What to Expect

Salkehatchie is about hard work, making connections with families, other youth, and understanding our mission as children of God.

Camps run Saturday-Saturday and start when all volunteers and Camp Leaders arrive at base camp. Below you will find a snapshot of the week to give you a general idea of what is done each day.

Base Camp

Base Camp is where the volunteer group and leaders will sleep and eat during the week. Typically this is a local church or school.

Day 1 — Tour & Group Formation

Camps begin on Saturday with a tour of all the homes to be served. This can be anywhere from 3-14 homes! Camp Leaders will break volunteers up into site crews and assign the houses to each group. Site Crews become family not just between volunteers but to the families they are serving.

“One of the best parts of the day is to be able to learn from the homeowner and develop that relationship and learn about their spirituality. It’s such a huge gift that wasn’t expected.” – Amy Inglis, One of the original volunteers in 1978

Day 2 — Worship

Sundays are reserved for worship and the entire group will head to a local church for a service and reflection. The group will wear the Salkehatchie shirt provided on the first day and jeans (no shorts please) to the service.

Days 3-6 — Work Days

The rest of the week is devoted to site work where we serve, grow, learn and share together. Volunteers start each day onsite at 6am.

Types of Projects

Our work varies from house to house but you can expect to work major home repairs.

  • Repairing a leaky roof
  • Putting up sheetrock
  • Painting both inside and outside of the home
  • Replacing broken windows and doors
  • Rebuilding porches
  • Rebuilding bathrooms
  • Digging and stabilizing floors and walls

At 5pm site crews pack up and head back to base camp for dinner. The rest of the night is set aside for worship, fellowship, singing, sharing, and listening to local history. There is time spent in reflection each night which is an important part of the Salkehatchie experience.

At 10:30pm quiet time begins and at a strict 11pm lights out is enforced.

Day 7 — Tour & Reflection

The week ends with families and volunteers exchanging hugs, thanks and prayers. A Salkehatchie cross is put in front of each house and all site crews take a final tour to see all the finished homes.

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteers are encouraged to use the buddy system and will always be under Camp Leader supervision. Extra oversight will be granted to those at the worksite on ladders, using power tools and other heavy equipment but all volunteers will be required to meet the criteria listed below.

All Volunteers Are Required To:

  • Be at least 14 years old by the first day of camp.
  • Pay the registration fee.
  • Complete the Volunteer Interview Questionnaire form (part of the registration process).
  • Complete liability form (within registration process). If under 18 years old a parent or legal guardian must also sign
  • Written consent from a parent or legal guardian must be given to volunteers under 18 who wish to handle:
    • Power tools
    • Climb ladders/roof work
  • Fill out the medical forms (found within the registration portal).
  • Read and comply with the Salkehatchie 3-S Safety Manual for Volunteers which covers:
    • Flooring/steps
    • Electrical
    • Glass
    • Hand tools
    • Heavy materials and equipment
    • Ladders
    • Medical/first aid
    • Power tools
    • Roofing

Volunteers 18+ Are Required To: